Farhan Ansari

PhD Candidate


Farhan joined KTH in 2012, after completing his Masters from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). During his undergraduate course, he worked extensively in several international laboratories on different topics; including polysaccharide characterization, graphene composites, polymer processing using twin screw extruders, injection molded parts for automobile etc.

As a PhD student, Farhan is working under the supervision of Prof Lars Berglund in the division of Biocomposites at KTH. His project is focused on establishing the potential of Cellulose Nanofibrils (CNF) as an effective reinforcing material for polymeric matrices. Working with nanomaterials, in general, possesses several challenges regarding their processing. Fiber dispersion as well as fiber/polymer interface are the key parameters that control the properties of the final material. In his work, the control of nanostructure is the primary focus, where the effect of fibrillar arrangement at the nano scale is studied. High resolution microscopy (SEM, TEM), uniaxial tensile and dynamic mechanical testing, dynamic vapor sorption (DVS), digital image correlation (DIC), spectroscopic techniques (FT-IR), among others, are some of the tools he has been using to establish the structure-property relation at the nanoscale.

For detailed profile, visit: http://se.linkedin.com/pub/farhan-ansari/24/250/49 or http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Farhan_Ansari

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