Lennart Bergström




Prof. Lennart Bergström is a materials chemist with expertise that cuts across the academic disciplines of applied surface and colloid science, inorganic chemistry and materials science with a focus on colloidal processing and self-assembly of inorganic and inorganic-organic hybrid materials, primarily in nanostructural form. Self-assembly of nanoparticles and novel process routes for nanocrystals, porous materials and other inorganic colloids to form novel nanostructured materials with useful properties are at the core of our activities where the fundamental activities aim to generate a better understanding of the molecular or mesoscopic assembly mechanisms. Biomimetic synthesis which involves the integration, directed assembly and controlled crystallisation of inorganic materials with polymers and biomolecules is another closely related field of interest. Prof. Bergström was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) in 2009, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) in 2013. He obtained the Humboldt Research Award in 2011.

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