WWSC workshop June 2021

Summer Workshop 2022

Welcome to this three-day WWSC workshop!

This workshop is open for WWSC members and invited guests only. Registration is closed.

Monday June 21

Day 1

10.15 Bus from Gothenburg C to Marstrand Havshotell

12.00 Lunch

13:00 Welcome address
Eva Malmström, Center Director

13:30 Research and Innovation – Overview of the Wallenberg Launchpad
Sandor Albrecht, KAW WALP

14:50 Break (possibility to check in to hotel room)

15:20  Relating cell wall nanostructure to mechanical properties: experiments and modeling
Daniel Cosgrove, Pennsylvania State University, USA (via Zoom)

16:00 Pitch session

17:00  Poster session 1

18:00  Poster session 2

19:00  Dinner at the hotel

Tuesday June 21

Day 2

09:00  Spatial distribution of functional groups in cellulose derivatives by DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Staffan Schantz, AstraZeneca, Sweden

09:40 Functional wood materials: keeping up with sustainability challenges
Ingo Burgert, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

10:20 Break

10:50  Biomedical devices based on cellulose nanocomposites
Mary Donahue, LiU

11:20  Solution-processed optoelectronic devices: on cellulose-based substrates in the future
Feng Gao, LiU

12:10 Lunch

13.00 Free time to visit Marstrand

16:00  Synchrotron X-ray Technologies to Assist Our Understanding of Nanocellulose Science and Applications
Benjamin Hsiao, Stony Brook University, USA  (via Zoom)

16:40  Bacteria and fungi: advantages and disadvantages for lignin valorization
Davinia Salvachúa, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA (via Zoom)

17.20 End of day 2

18.00 Dinner at Sillsalteriet (ca 20 min walk, Malepertsgatan 7)

Wednesday June 22

Day 3

09.00 Latest check out from hotel room

09:00 Fundamental interactions in cellulose
Jakob Wohlert, KTH

09:40 Break (WWSC Lg meeting)

10:40 Building up data-driven foundations for customizable trees
Stefania Giacomello, KTH

11:20  Forest feedstocks with improved or new properties
Hannele Tuominen, SLU (via Zoom)

12:00 Concluding remarks

12:10 Lunch

13:30 Bus leaving Marstrands Havshotell, arriving at Gothenburg C
ca 14.30 – 15.00