WWSC – a world leading research center on sustainable materials from wood

Wallenberg Wood Science Center is a research center with a focus on new materials from trees and is Sweden’s largest initiative in the field. WWSC is a joint research center between KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Chalmers University of Technology and Linköping University. The base is a donation from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW). The Swedish industry is supporting WWSC via the platform Treesearch.

The activities in WWSC are based on that the forest can offer sustainable bio-based alternatives to todays fossil-based materials, in applications such as packaging and automotive industry, as well as providing new types of materials. The research goals are set in a long-term perspective, and the research activities span from wood components to novel wood-based applications. Read more about the research program.

WWSC is since it’s start in 2009 Sweden’s largest research initiative in the field, and the center currently engages ~70 faculty members/researchers,  ~50 PhD students in the graduate school WWSC Academy and ~20 postdocs. 

WWSC’s mission is to create knowledge and competence as a basis for sustainable wood-based materials for the future.

WWSC’s vision is to become a world-leading research environment in the field of sustainable wood-based materials.