WWSC Academy

WWSC Academy is a graduate student school with two, week long, courses per year with the aim to facilitate for collaborations and to close the gap between academic research and industry.

 In this academy, the students get an overview of the research field within renewable materials from wood and gain knowledge of topics not directly connected to their current research. During the academy the student will connect with each other to nurture future collaborations and meet industry on site visits to get an overview of the Swedish forest industry. 

WWSC Academy is since 2019 open for PhD students from other research projects and universities via Treesearch.  Read more at treesearch.se.

WWSC Academy management:

Anette Larsson
Professor, Chalmers


Lauren McKee
Deputy Director
Researcher, KTH


Igor Zozoulenko
Deputy Director
Professor, LiU


Past WWSC Academy

• From Wood Chips to Material Components, Sarpsborg Norway with site visit to Biorefinery at Borregaard, Winter 2015, March 16-21, 2015

• Biotechnology: Biosynthesis and Wood cell wall assembly, Umeå with site visit to UPSC and Biorefinery Cluster at Örnsköldsvik, Summer 2015, August 30- September 4, 2015

• Wood based fibers and nanofibrils. Surface and colloidal properties, Göteborg with site visit to SCA Hygiene, Winter 2016, April 4-8, 2016

• Wood Biopolymers. Characterization. Structure-Properties Relationships, Åland Joint with Åbo Academy and Alto University, Summer 2016, August 28– September 2, 2016

• Characterization of Hierarchical Order in Solid and Liquid Wood Based Systems, Varberg, Site visit to Södra and MAXIV lab in Lund, Winter 2017, March 20-24, 2017

• Wood and Biocomposites; Materials and Processing, Luleå and Piteå, Site visits to Wood processing in Skellefteå and Sicomp in Piteå, Summer 2017, August 27-September 1, 2017

• IPR, Innovation process, From idea to product and market, Karlstad, Skoghall and Sunne (SelmaSpa) Värmland, Visit to Stora Enso, Winter 2018, April 9-13, 2018

• Graduation, Stockholm, June 19, 2018

• Wood Materials Biorefinery: From Wood Chips to Material Components, Umeå and Bonässund. Site visit to cluster in Örnsköldsvik/Domsjö, Summer 2019, August 27-31, 2019

• Organic Electronics, Energy Storage, Electronic Plants, Lignocellulosic surfaces, Wetting, Adhesion, Printability, Winter 2020, March 30-April 3, 2020
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