WWSC Academy

WWSC Academy is a graduate student school with two, weeklong, courses per year with the aim to facilitate for collaborations and to close the gap between academic research and industry. 

In this academy, the students will get an overview of the research field within renewable materials from wood and gain knowledge of topics not directly connected to their current research. During the academy the students will connect with each other to nurture future collaborations and meet industry. This will prepare them for becoming the scientists, inventors, and engineers for tomorrow´s Swedish forest value chain. While learning these skills, our students are the backbone of the research performed in WWSC.  

WWSC Academy is since 2019 open for PhD students from other research projects and universities via Treesearch. Read more at treesearch.se.

Course 1: Introduction to WWSC and WWSC Academy
October 24 – 26, 2023

Course 2: Wood cell wall and its components + Characterization 
April 15 – 19, 2024

Course 3: Characterisation techniques (main focus X-ray and NMR) and an overview of the innovations, Overall aspects on sustainability
Autumn 2024

Course 4: Basic modelling & simulation, Sustainability by design.
Option 1: Basic modelling & simulation, Option2: Interactions from an experimental point of view
Spring 2025

Course 5: Biorefinery. Pulping, Defining “waste streams”, Enzyme discovery, Chemistry of biorefining. Materials designed for recycling/degradation.
Option 1: Enzyme discovery, Option 2: Chemistry of biorefining
Autumn 2025

Course 6: Colloid chemistry and surfaces, Intro to Organic electronics and Biocomposites and functional fibres/materials. Circularity of materials. 
Option 1: Organic electronics, Option 2: Biocomposites

Course 7: Focus on sustainable of materials, and an overview of the innovation process, and entrepreneurship

Course 8: Intellectual properties, innovation, and the business of biomaterials.

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Anette Larsson
Professor, Chalmers


Lauren McKee
Deputy Director
Researcher, KTH


Igor Zozoulenko
Deputy Director
Professor, LiU


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