Graduation ceremony for WWSC Academy at the WWSC Summer Workshop 2023

During the WWSC Summer workshop the graduation ceremony for celebrating the recent batch of WWSC Academy PhD students took place. At the graduation ceremony, the 43 students were highlighted and received their diploma.

The PhD students in WWSC Academy been part of the ambitious education program that the graduate school offers, covering a broad overview of the research field. 

In every year of the graduate school, the PhD students have been taking part of two week-long courses where lectures have been combined with site visits at industries and social activities, to give both the required knowledge and network. During the pandemic the courses were held digitally, with virtual site visits. Since 2019, WWSC Academy is also open for PhD students outside WWSC.

The PhD students attending the workshop received their diploma in a graduation ceremony, handed out by the now retiring Prof. Paul Gatenholm, who has been director for the WWSC Academy