WWSC Academy Winter School 2022

After two years of Zoom classes, WWSC Academy could finally be held in person. During the winter school the PhD students got to learn more about IPR and innovation processes, to get more insight in how to go from idea to the market, both in lectures and in study visits.

The Winter School, held in the beginning of April 2022, contained both lectures and study visits, where the participants got a glimpse of some of the interesting things that are happening in the bioeconomy sector in Värmland. The students got to see both 3D printing of wood and visit the Stora Enso Skoghall mill.

Photo: Gusten Isfeldt, KTH

The course evaluation showed that the students where very satisfied with the course, especially that they got time to discuss the topics. 

Photo: Gusten Isfeldt, KTH

The course wasn’t completely “Zoom free” though. On the last day, the participants got to take part of stories from previous WWSC students and hear what they are doing now. Five WWSC alumni gave examples from university, industries, institute and start-up.

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