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Aji Mathew

Aji Mathew
Stockholm University
Materials and Environmental Chemistry

Research area:

Aji P Mathew, Professor in Materials chemistry (SU), holds a PhD in Polymer chemistry (2001) and has 18 years of experience on the processing and characterisation of nanocellulose and its nanocomposites. Mathews research has a vision to develop functional materials from natural resources with special focus on sustainability at all stages of preparation, use and disposal. Her current research interests include designing of recycling and circularity of materials, fully biobased membranes/ filters for water purification, biobased materials for medical applications, surface chemistry and interactions, mechanical properties, viscoelastic properties, in situ SAXS, and atomic force microscopy (understanding properties at nano scale).Biobased functional materials, nanocellulose based composites and hybrids, water purification membranes, in situ atomic force microscopy, antifouling surfaces. She has published more than 200 papers on this topic is cited more than 10000 times and has an H-Index of 51.