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Anette Larsson

Photo: Thor Balkhed
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Research area:

Anette Larsson is Prof in Pharmaceutical Technology at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Her research is focusing on applications that uses lignocellulose materials and where mass transport is essential to achieve desirable functionalities like controlled drug release, low permeability through barriers and coatings etc. The lignocellulose materials have mainly been cellulose derivatives, where she is motivated by achieving fundamental understanding of how different substituents on the cellulose molecules, or hemicelluloses, alters parameters like interaction with water and penetration of water and gases through barrier, adsorption to surfaces, their thermic and mechanical properties, as well as solubility, dissolution rate and phase separation processes. She is also interested in lignin and particular transport of lignin. At the moment her group constitutes of four PhD students + one Post-doc (one using cellulose derivatives to 3D print personalized medicines, one studying the permeability of water and oxygen over cellulose derivative barrier, one studing the lignin transport through wood and one PhD student and one Post-doc are working on adsorption of cellulose derivatives to cellulose). In addition to that, Larsson has been director for SuMo BIOMATERIALS since 2012 ( and has recently together with 10 PIs and 22 partners achieved grants for a new center, FibRe- Design for Circularity: Lignocellulosic based Thermoplastics, for which she will be director.