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Jiu Pang

Linköping University
Science and Technology
Project: 2.3.1 in silico studies of wood-based materials: multi-scale modelling of structural, electronic, ionic, transport properties, and device simulation
Supervisor: Igor Zozoulenko
Project planned to end: 07/2023

Research area:

During recent decades the ever-increasing efforts have been made to functionalize biopolymers from the forest such as cellulose and merge them with organic conducting polymers to develop novel material and devices. He will perform computational simulation and modeling of novel composite cellulose/polymer-based material and devices. The modeling will be ranging from ab initio and Molecular Dynamics simulations on the atomistic level to simulations of the electromagnetic waves propagation on the device level to answer the fundamental questions concerning material and device morphology, structure, electronic, photonic and transport properties, and many others.