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Lengwan Li

Lengwan Li
Fiber and Polymer Technology
Project: Hybrid composites based on nanocellulose and 2D-materials Project Name
Supervisor: Lars Berglund
Project planned to end: 2023

Research area:

Nanocellulose in the form of fibrils (CNF) from wood is a new building-block for complex nanocomposites. Both the new materials and CNF itself are of major scientific and technical interest, with strong industrial potential. The use of colloidal systems makes it possible to mix CNF with for instance montmorillonite clay (MTM) or graphene oxide (GO) and maintain a stable colloidal suspension. Filtration of the suspension can be used to prepare films of great interest as coatings, films and laminated composites. The project is about nanostructural control in such materials. The degree of order and the nanostructure of the materials will be characterized in this project, as well as new methods of preparation so that nanostructural control can be improved. Better nanostructural control will undoubtedly lead to a large span of attainable materials properties.