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Natalia Fijol

Stockholm University
Materials and Enviornmental Chemistry
Project: 3.2.4. 3D-printing of biobased filters functionalized with nanocellulose for water purification
Supervisor: Aji P. Mathew
Project planned to end: 10/2023

Research area:

Research interests:

- 3D printing of biopolymer hybrids and nanocomposites
- Melt and gel 3D printing
- Water purification filters

Currently I am working on the project, which aims to fabricate 2D and 3D high flux monolithic water purification filters with gradient porosity, tortuous pathways and selective adsorption for water pollutants designated for commercial applications. One of the main objectivities of the project is the functionalization of the nanocellulose in order to develop a reliable process for 3D printing of biopolymer hybrids and nanocomposites, both by melt and gel printing. Other objectivities of the project include evaluation of the pore structure, adsorption mechanism and diffusion pathways as well as a development of insitu characterization methods for performance evaluation in aqueous medium.

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