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Qilun Zhang

Linköping University
Project: 2.1.1 Forest-based materials for optoelectronic devices
Supervisor: Mats Fahlman
Project planned to end: 2022-07-31

Research area:

Optoelectronic devices are revolutionizing the world. However, advances in  photovoltaics (PV) and light-emitting diodes (LED) are still urgently needed to reduce the cost and increase the use of earth-abundant and renewable materials. Many types of materials are needed to fabricate organic- and perovskite-based optoelectronic devices, and wood-based materials are promising candidates to fill many if not all roles. In this project, we aim to use forest biomass for deeper application in organic and perovskite PV and LED. From simple additive or filler materials that can be used for regulating the active layer morphology and defects, to hole transporting layer (HTL) and electron transporting layer (ETL) materials, and finally cheap and eco-friendly organic light absorbing/emitting materials.

Qilun Zhang