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Shuvra Singha

Fiber and Polymer Technology
Project: 5.3.2 Wood based gas barrier material
Supervisor: Mikael Hedenqvist
Project planned to end: 03/2021

Research area:

A plant cuticle is a thin (0.1 to 10 µm thick) protective film that covers the epidermal cell layer of leaves and fruits. An important protective role that the cuticle plays is as a water permeability barrier. The main structural component of the cuticle is the cutin polymer which is a three-dimensional bio-polyester network constituted from C16 or C18 hydroxy fatty acid monomers and cross-linked by glycerol. The characteristic properties which impart the protective function are the tight packing of the polymer chains, hydrophobicity, flexibility and good mechanical strength. The aim of my project is to develop bio-polymeric film that mimics the plant-cuticle in its structure, function and properties so as to be used as a barrier packaging material as a potential substitute for petroleum based polymers.

Shuvra Singha