WWSC Winter School 2020

WWSC Academy organized in collaboration with Treesearch the 2020 PhD course – Winter School “From Forest to Organic Electronics, Energy Storage and Electronic Plants” between March 30 and April 3. In total 57 PhD students from WWSC and Treesearch participated.

The 57 participating students from WWSC and Treesearch got to listen to the topics Organic Electronics, Energy Storage, Electronic Plants, Lignocellulosic surfaces, Wetting, Adhesion, Printability.

The course which was initially planned to be “internat” was early converted to an online course due to covid-19 situation. The course included 27 hours of lectures and projects covering relevant for the course topics; Design supercapacitors, batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, Wearable/thermoelectric devices based on forest materials and propose bioelectronic systems to monitor forest.

Great thanks to all instructors and administrative support who converted quickly their lectures to virtual platform and PhD students who actively participated in projects showing great ability to collaborate and communicate. The course gathered 57 students; 47 PhD students from WWSC Academy and 10 from Treesearch

For more information about the courses in WWSC and Treesearch please contact Paul Gatenholm (WWSC) or Gunnar Westman (Treesearch).