WWSC workshop June 2021

Winter Workshop 2022

Welcome to the 2022 WWSC Winter Workshop!

Open for WWSC members and invited guests only.
The workshop is held at Vildmarkshotellet, Kolmården

Wednesday December 7

Day 1

09.30    Bus leaving Stockholm C
10.45    Bus leaving Katrineholm C    
11.00    Bus leaving Norrköping Resecentrum

12.00    Lunch

13:10    Welcome address
Eva Malmström, Center Director

13:25     Nanocellulose Composite Materials for Advanced Wound Care
Daniel Aili, LiU

14.10    About xylan and water
Tiina Nypelö, Chalmers

14:10   Break (possibilities to check in)

15:10  Scaling Principles for Understanding and Exploiting Adhesion
Alfred Crosby, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA (via Zoom)

16:00 Pitch session

17:00  Poster session 1
18:00  Poster session 2

19:00  Dinner

December 8

Day 2

09:00    Molecular simulation studies of aggregated microfibrils    
Antti Pajanen, VTT, Finland

09:30   Taming the invisible with cellulose
Magnus Jonsson, LiU

10:00   Break

10:45    MAX IV and ForMAX as a versatile tool for WWSC 
Daniel Söderberg, KTH 

11:15    WWSC Bibliometrics – Benchmarking Research Impact
Christian Müller, Chalmers 

Public Dissemination through Press Releases
Simone Fabiano, LiU

12:00   Lunch

13:00    Discovery, engineering, and applications of copper-containing CAZymes (and cousins)
Harry Brumer, University of British Columbia, Canada

13:45   Cellulose in aqueous alkaline hydroxides
Merima Hasani, Chalmers

14:15   3D-Printing of cellulose composites for OECTs applications 
Matteo Massetti, LiU

14:35   Break

15:05    Towards a Practical Route to Polymer-Grafted Bleached Market Pulp
Bob Pelton, McMaster University, Canada

15:50   Work session – Innovation and Entrepreneurship within WWS
Magnus Wikström, MaWi Development

17:50   Activity 

19:00   Dinner

Friday December 9

Day 3

09:00    Chemical and enzymatic modification of wood for functional materials
Qi Zhou, KTH

09:45   Break (WWSC LG meeting and latest check out from hotel room)

10:50    Circular Materials from the Forest – a Chemistry Perspective
Peter Olsén, KTH

11:20    How do we design for function and recycling
Karin Odelius, KTH

11:50   Concluding remarks   

12:00   Lunch

13:30   Buses leaving Vildmarkshotellet

Stockholm C ca 15.30
Katrineholm C ca 14.30
Norrköping Resecentrum ca 14.00