WWSC workshop June 2021

Summer Workshop 2023

Welcome to the 2023 WWSC Summer Workshop!

Open for WWSC members and invited guests only.
The workshop is held at Sånga-Säby, Ekerö, Stockholm area. 

Monday June 19

Day 1

09.00 Bus leaving Norrköping Resecentrum
10.30 Bus leaving Stockholm C

12.30 Lunch

13:30 Welcome address
Eva Malmström, Center Director 

Presentation of WWSC 3.0 Programs and WWSC Academy

I. Materials biorefinery – Merima Hasani, Chalmers
II. Wood components and Interfaces – Eva Malmström, KTH
III. Processing and Structural materials – Daniel Söderberg, KTH,
IV. Functional materials – Mats Fahlman LiU

WWSC Academy – Anette Larsson, Chalmers

14:30 Innovative Biomaterials from Trees
Paul Gatenholm, Chalmers

15:15 Break (possibilities to check in)

16:15 Graduation ceremony WWSC Academy 

17:15 Poster session

19:00 Dinner

Tuesday June 20

Day 2

09:00 Processing Cellulose Composites Using Cellulose-Based Emulsions
Stephen Eichhorn, University of Bristol, UK

09:45 Electronics and electrochemical energy technology made from
forest-based materials
Magnus Berggren, LiU

10:30 Break

11:00 Sustainability workshop
Fredrik Lundell, KTH

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Biotechnology for biomaterials
Lauren McKee, KTH

14:30 Evaluation of the recombinant cutinase from Fusarium solani and Cryptococcus to extract fatty acids from suberin
Wissal Ben Ali, Chalmers

14:45 SEM combined with FIB cross-sections revealing the impact of steam explosion pre-treatment on the Norway spruce wood microstructure
Maria Brollo, Chalmers

15:00 Conjugated polymers – functionalization for cellulose-based
hybrid materials
Renee Kroon, LiU

15:30 Break

16:00 Synthesis of Biobased Chemically Recyclable and Enzymatically Degradable Schiff base Polyesters for Circularity
Sathiyaraj Subramaniyan, KTH

16:15 Biogenic carbon flows – Status and possibilities
Stefan Svensson, RISE

17:00 Activity

19:00 Dinner

Wednesday June 21

Day 3

09.00 Latest check out from hotel room

09:00 Nanofibrillar foams: from single fibrils to phonon scattering to upcycling of textile waste

Lennart Bergström, Stockholm University

09:45 Break (WWSC LG meeting)


From wood towards textile waste as raw materials for fabricating porous cellulose-based materials for thermal insulation and
water purification
Varvara Apostolopoulou Kalkavoura, Stockholm University

Exploring structure-property relationships in lignin-based thermosets
Iuliana Ribca, KTH

Polysaccharide-based wood adhesives
Tijana Todorovic, KTH

Biorefining for well-defined lignin with tunable properties
Maria Karlsson, KTH

Exploring the use of cellulose as a precipitation agent of metal ions for metal recycling
Billy Hoogendoorn, KTH

11:50 Anisotropic nanofibrillar hydrogels: fundamentals and
electro-mechanical applications?
Tobias Benselfelt, KTH

12:20 Concluding remarks

12:30 Lunch

13:45 Buses leaving Sånga-Säby, arriving at Stockholm C ca 15.00, and Norrköping Resecentrum ca 16.00.