ERC grants to WWSC researchers at LiU

Material researchers Magnus Jonsson and Klas Tybrandt WWSC members at Linköping University, have received the European Research Council Consolidation grants.
erc grant liu

The ERC Consolidator Grant is aimed at mid-career researchers who want to strengthen their role as a research leader. In total 12 ERC Consolidation Grants were awarded to Swedish researchers for the 2022 call, and of them, Magnus Jonsson and Klas Tybrandt, both at Linköping University, are active within WWSC.

Magnus Jonsson receives the grant for the project “VisDOM, Visible Dynamic organic Optical Metasurfaces”.

Klas Tybrandt recieven the grant for  the project ExpandNeuro, In Situ Expandable Ultra-Soft and Stretchable Neural Probe Clusters.

In addition to the ERC Consolidator Grant, Feng Gao received ERC Proof of Concept grant for a new type of solar cell based on organic semiconductors and halide perovskites to further develop their research results.


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