New at WWSC: Yuanyuan Li, KTH

Yuanyuan Li is new Assistant Professor at KTH and WWSC, focusing on wood and cellulose nanostructure control to extend property range and provide new functions.
“I look forward to building an energetic group and creating attractive research areas.”

New at WWSC: Renee Kroon, LiU

The organic chemist Renee Kroon gets inspired by scientific discussions between students and colleagues and by collaboratively turning the ideas into new materials. In July 2020 he joined WWSC as an associate professor at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE) at Linköping University, thereby strengthening WWSC in the field of synthesis of semiconductor polymers for organic electronics.

Forest for new conditions – moving from the old to the new

Trees that until now have become paper and wood should soon also be used for clothing, windows and fuel for cars, boats, and aircrafts.  And in order to have a sufficient supply of wood, scientists must ensure that the forests grow faster and are capable of doing so in a future changing climate. Watch the new possibilities by the forest related research in a new video by KAW!

WWSC PhD student makes disinfection to fight covid-19

2020-03-19. When the healthcare in Sweden face a severe material crisis in the current covid-19 outbreak, the chemistry department at Stockholm University decided to contribute! They started producing hand disinfection that is delivered to hospitals in the Stockholm region. WWSC-PhD student Ehsan Hadi is one of the team members that together with professor Lennart Bergström …

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Wallenberg Wood Science Center at Chalmers

2020-01-09. The Wallenberg Wood Science Center is exploring opportunities to create high-tech materials from wood, beyond the traditional cellulose fiber. One of the participating universities is Chalmers and now you can read more about the researcher and researchers at Chalmers in an article published at chalmers.se. At Chalmers, the center is involving fifteen researchers and …

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