Forest for new conditions – moving from the old to the new

Trees that until now have become paper and wood should soon also be used for clothing, windows and fuel for cars, boats, and aircrafts.  And in order to have a sufficient supply of wood, scientists must ensure that the forests grow faster and are capable of doing so in a future changing climate. Watch the new possibilities by the forest related research in a new video by KAW!
KAW film 2020

A new video by Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation is showing the potential that research can give us in the strive of becoming a fossil-free society. From WWSC Professor Lars Berglund and PhD student Céline Montanari is demonstrating one example of the material of the future based on wood: the transparent wood.  

Participating researchers:
Tomas Lundmark, Ove Nilsson, Sandra Jämtgård, Torgny Näsholm, Charlotta Erefur, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
Ulf Gyllensten, SciLifeLab, Uppsala University, Sara Abrahamsson, Skogforsk and Lars Berglund and Céline Montanari, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Wallenberg Wood Scince Center, WWSC.

Read more about thermal energy storing wood:

Transparent Wood for Thermal Energy Storage and Reversible Optical Transmittance
Céline Montanari, Yuanyuan Li, Hui Chen, Max Yan, and Lars A. Berglund*