Spin-off from WWSC part of the 2021 Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program

The WWSC researchers behind the spin-off CelluXtreme, the WWSC researchers Daniel Söderberg and Fredrik Lundell, are two of the admitted to this year's Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program. The program is supporting people from KTH whose innovations can create jobs and prosperity in Sweden.
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The Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program was founded after a donation to KTH from the hotel chain Elite Hotel’s founder Bicky Chakraborty. The program aims to contribute to growth and prosperity in Sweden by supporting innovations from KTH. This year professor Daniel Söderberg and professor Fredrik Lundell, founders. of Cell are two of the admitted participants who will take part of the program.

– We hope that the program will give us a good environment where we can develop our thinking and how we should act, says Daniel Söderberg in an article at kth.se.

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About CelluXtreme

CelluXtreme commercializes a new technology for spinning continuous filaments (fibers) from nanocellulose, a result of research at the Wallenberg Wood Science Center. The technology has been demonstrated on a lab scale, which has shown how it can be used to produce super-strong bio-based fibers that can compete with carbon and glass fibers but without the problem of landfills that these materials have. Another example of use is functionalization to support cell growth, which enables a material that can be used in medical applications. (from kth.se)