WWSC spin-off

WWSC spin-off Proligreen wants to advance the application of lignin

There is interest in using lignin for material applications due to its aromatic structures, and it is foreseen to substitute fossil-based aromatic precursors, but one big challenge is that the available technical lignins are heterogeneous and still poorly characterized. This is something that the new WWSC spin-off company Proligreen, founded by Prof. Martin Lawoko and his PhD student Maria Karlsson wants to change.

From fundamental research in WWSC to industrial pilot scale – the material that can replace polystyrene foam

The cellulose material Papira is a bio-based and recyclable replacement for fossil-based foam materials such as polystyrene, in everyday speech is called styrofoam. What started as fundamental research within the research center WWSC has been further developed by Stora Enso, that recently inaugurated a pilot facility for the fibre-based foam material. On April 1, an event was held to highlight the journey from fundamental research to industrial pilot.