Work by Kádár and Nypelö on the covers of ACS Nano and Journal of Rheology

Research groups of Roland Kádár and Tiina Nypelö at WWSC at Chalmers have elucidate cellulose nanocrystal alignment in flow. The published research article is now featured on the covers of both the journal ACS Nano and Journal of Rheology.
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Liquid crystalline character is one of the most highlighted properties of CNCs, but at the same time the least understood. Understanding the liquid crystal phases and their interaction with flow fields is an essential precursor to new materials from cellulose nanocrystals. The research performed in the research groups of Kádár and Nypelö now shows that there is an opportunity to elucidate it with hyphenated rheological techniques. The time-dependent viscosity is essential for processing and in design of cosmetics, paints and foods.

“There are several underlying phenomena in the alignment of the rod-shaped cellulose nanoparticles in suspensions that have not been understood and those have been in focus in our research” says Tiina Nypelö.

Now not only is this in focus for their research, but in the spotlight of two scientific journals as both the renowned ACS Nano (impact factor 15.881) and Journal of Rheology are featuring the research on their cover!

More about the research

The research is led by Roland Kádár & Tiina Nypelö from Chalmers. The research is co-authored by Stefan Spirk from Graz University of Technology and Mina Fazilati, Simon Ingelsten, and Sylwia Wojno from Chalmers. The research is part of WWSC and the All-wood composite platform supported by the Chalmers Area of Advance Materials Science.

Cellulose Nanocrystal Liquid Crystal Phases: Progress and Challenges in Characterization Using Rheology Coupled to Optics, Scattering, and Spectroscopy
Roland Kádár, Stefan Spirk, and Tiina Nypelö

To download the ACS Nano cover click here  and to view the review article click here


Thixotropy of cellulose nanocrystal suspensions
Mina Fazilati1, Simon Ingelsten, Sylwia Wojno, Tiina Nypelö, and Roland Kádár

Read the Journal of Rheology article here and cover can be downloaded from here.