WWSC research on national television program Vetenskapens värld

Center director Eva Malmström showed examples of the research in WWSC and the possibilities of forest-based materials in the science program Vetenskapens värld.
Photo: SVT.
Photo: SVT.

The Swedish public service television scientific program Vetenskapens värld has right now a series that highlights different aspects on the forest and Swedish forestry from a climate and environmental point of view. For showing future possibilities from the forest, Wallenberg Wood Science Center is featured as one of the research and development activities that is ongoing in Sweden.

In the program, center director professor Eva Malmström shows examples of the research and the viewers got to see both paper batteries, transparent wood and spinning of nanocellulose fibers.  

Eva Malmström is showing the transparent wood in the SVT program Vetenskapens värld. Photo SVT.

The segment (in Swedish) can be rewatched at SVT play in the episode 3, Vetenskapens värld: Slaget om skogen, and starts about 8 minutes into the episode.

Watch the episode here

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The paper battery was one of the examples shown in the episode. Photo: SVT.