WWSC researchers guest editors for special issue on Lignin as a renewable substrate for polymers

A special issue on Lignin has been produced in ACS sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, guest edited by researchers from WWSC. The issue consists of 27 papers by reputable international scientist. The collection includes both original manuscripts and reviews.

Lignin is the most abundant source of renewable aromatics and therefore attractive as a raw material for polymers and materials. In this special issue by ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, lead by Prof. Martin Lawoko, research on fundamental aspects of lignin biosynthesis, structure, characterization and finally polymer and material systems from lignin is reported. The multi-disciplinary aspect of the collection is unique and highlights the need to merge disciplines in order to advance research on lignin based materials.

Lignin heterogeneity imposes challenges for its characterization, biorefining and valorization. Gaining fundamental insights on lignin biosynthesis, polymerization and structure become essential for the development of novel lignin biorefining processes and subsequently lignin valorization. Accordingly, a multi-disciplinary collection of the state-of-the art is essential to inform and direct both research- and application- aspects of lignin as a renewable substrate for polymers and materials.

The special issue is guest edited by the WWSC members Professors Martin Lawoko, Lars Berglund and Mats Johansson and constitutes contributions from researchers in Europe, USA and Asia.

More information including the editorial and a collection of the published papers can be found at ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Virtual Special Issue—Lignin as a Renewable Substrate for Polymers: From Molecular Understanding and Isolation to Targeted Applications