WWSC Summer School 2019


2019-08-28. The WWSC summer school is ongoing, with PhD students from WWSC and Treesearch gathering for listening to lectures, group work and study visit and not least to meet each other.

Three things make this years’s WWSC Summer School special: first, it is the first summer school for the third batch of WWSC PhD students. Secondly, this year the summer school consists of two courses: Wood Biotechnology: Biosynthesis, Wood Cell Wall Assembly and Wood Anatomy and Wood Biorefinery: From wood chips to material components. This is also the first year that WWSC that Treesearch-associated PhD  students outside WWSC have the opportunity to take part in the summer school.

As right now, the first course in the WWSC summer school 2019 is finished.

– We’ve had a fantastic visit to UPSC in Umeå and planted spruce in Holmen´s nursery. It is great privilege to contribute to education of the third “batch” of WWSC PhD students, Paul Gatenholm, professor at Chalmers and Director of Studies at WWSC Academy says.

Gunnar Westman, Deputy director, education Treesearch adds:

– This has been a very good collaboration between WWSC and Treesearch, everything is running smoothly.