Tomas Rosén the winner of Stockholm Researcher’s Grand Prix 2022

Four minutes to present your research for an audience of high school students – that's the premises for the research communication competition Researcher's Grand Prix. WWSC researcher Tomas Rosén accepted the challenge in tough competition won the Stockholm edition. Now awaits the national final 1st of December.
In strong competition, Tomas Rosén won the 2022 Stockholm-edition of Researcher's Grand Prix.
In strong competition, Tomas Rosén won the 2022 Stockholm-edition of Researcher's Grand Prix.

On Friday September 30 it was time for the participants in the Stockholm edition of the Researcher’s Grand Prix to finally take the stage and present for the audience at AlbaNova and online, and an expert jury consisting of senior researchers. WWSC researcher Tomas Rosén was one of the two representatives from KTH.

The five participants, from different research areas such as robotics, social sciences, and, of course, wood-based materials, had four minutes to present their research in an interesting and convincing way before getting their verdict by the jury. In his presentation, En värld av gröna nanostrukturer (which in the few minutes available included nanofibrils, synchrotrons and a glimpse of a fossil-free future), Tomas impressed with both his energy  and enthusiasm of the research, as well as his explanations.  

Tomas was not the only one who impressed the jury and the audience – all competitors had excellent performances and in the end is was a nervous moment when the winner – based on a combined score from the jury, the audience at the venue and the online audience – was announced.

Now awaits the national Researcher’s Grand Prix final, where the seven winners of the local competitions will present. The final is held December 1 at Nalen in Stockholm (with possibilities to follow online).
Read more about the final here.

Competing researchers aside, maybe the most important aspect of the competition is to inspire young students and get them interested in science.

“The most fun was talking to the students who dared to come forward and asked very good and relevant questions about my research, but also bigger questions about the technological solutions of the future”, says Tomas in an interview at

KTH did an interview with Tomas also before the competition. Check out the interview here.

Researcher’s Grand Prix (in Swedish Forskar Grand Prix) was held during Forskarfredag, the European researchers night in Sweden.