Francisco Vilaplana appointed as Head of Plant Structure and Health at Oatly Food Science

WWSC researcher Francisco Vilaplana, Associate Professor at KTH, has been appointed as Head of Plant Structure and Health at Oatly Food Science. He will integrate his part-time appointments at both KTH and Oatly, in order to strengthen the research and collaboration towards sustainable and healthy plant-based food products and materials.
Francisco Vilaplana

Francisco Vilaplana’s research focuses on the biotechnological exploitation of biomass carbohydrates for applications as bio-based materials and improved nutrition (read more at the group’s website at Within the WWSC, Francisco has implemented a research program on the molecular structure of wood hemicelluloses, their interactions with cellulose and lignin in the plant cell wall, and the development of novel hemicellulose materials through green chemistry and biocatalysis.

In his new role at Oatly Food Science, Francisco will develop a research program for a fundamental understanding of oat macromolecular structure towards improved human health. Francisco hopes that this joint position “will contribute to strengthen the collaborations between KTH and Oatly in the fast-growing and exciting research area of plant-based foods and materials, which has a large impact on sustainability and human health”.

Francisco will continue as an active researcher at the WWSC involved in Programs 1 and 2.